Get to Know our Vendors: Introducing Tako Glass!

Vendor Tako Glass



In the vibrant world of glassblowing, every artist has a story. Every design, every curve, and every hue speak of inspiration deeply embedded in personal experience. Today, we turn the spotlight to Tako of Tako Glass, an artist whose work not only stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship, but also the rich tapestry of experiences that lead to its creation.                                                      

About Tako:

Born amidst the mesmerizing beauty of Maui, Hawaii, the brain behind Tako Glass recalls the enchanting nights spent fishing on the barren backside of the island. The side of the island where few live, receives minimal rainfall, and the road is off limits for tourists to drive on. Devoid of light pollution, the stars glittering above led to an indulgence in astronomy and astrology, inspiring the young Tako. This fascination with the universe finds its way into Tako's 'Purple Nebula' series, which is a true testament to his love for outer space, and the shapes, colors and textures found there.                                                                       

Along the sandy shores and jungles of Maui, nature thrived in the form of vivid tropical flowers. Plumerias, hibiscus, ginger, tuberose, and protea flowers were among some of his favorite. Growing up amidst these blossoming wonders, Tako developed an appreciation for the beauty and the contrast that nature offered. The vibrant, contrasting colors in his pieces take root from this innate love for tropical flora.                                                   

Artistic Journey:

High school days were filled with the lure of ceramics, paintings, and drawings for Tako. But the flame of passion for glassblowing was kindled in Santa Cruz, California. Watching a dear friend from Maui unveil his glassblowing art from a makeshift studio stuffed in a shipping container, in the downtown harbor, was a sight to behold. This first interaction was all it took, and Tako was hooked.         

The craft of glassblowing is as much about evolution as it is about technique. Reflecting on his journey, Tako remarks how his designs have become more polished over time. The 'Drophammer' series, introduced in 1999, stands testament to this evolution. From the raw, unrefined designs of yesteryear to the exquisite pieces today, Tako's commitment to perfection is evident.                                     

Sources of Inspiration:

Tako finds much-needed rejuvenation and inspiration from nature and water. Whether it's a fishing trip on the open ocean or a hike into the wilderness, these escapades reset and reignite his creative spirit.                                    

Goals and Challenges:

For Tako, the art is as much about expression as it is about sustenance. His primary goal is to provide for family, whether it's through crafting high-end bongs or affordable pipes.

However, the journey isn't without its challenges. Tako often finds himself torn between creating something that's a true reflection of their passion, where time isn't a constraint, and designing something that guarantees a steady income.                                                      

On the Expanding Glass Blown Pipe/Bong Market:                                               

The glass blown pipe/bong market's explosion is something Tako finds both "silly big" and exhilarating. From the times when everything about glassblowing was hush-hush, and Tako had just one fellow glassblower in a massive town, to today, when there are numerous online communities and resources for budding glass artists, the transformation has been remarkable.                                                         

To wrap it up, Tako is more than just another vendor. He has a story, an experience, and is a testament to the beautiful combination of passion, art, and nature. Dive into this collection and find yourself lost amidst the stars, the vibrant colors of Maui, and the impeccable artistry of glassblowing.