Get to Know our Vendors: Introducing Glass Happy!

Glass Happy


Tako Glass is excited to introduce you to one of our remarkable vendors, Glass Happy! Their vibrant and creative pieces have caught the attention of many in our community, and we are thrilled to showcase them on our website. Let's dive deep and get to know the inspiration behind Glass Happy.

Origin and Influence

Glass Happy leads a nomadic life, moving from one place to another. This constant change of environment not only offers different experiences but also keeps her creative juices flowing. Every new place she go to and every new person she meet potentially becomes a source of inspiration for her next piece.

Journey into the World of Glass

The world of glass wasn't a planned destination for Glass Happy. At 27, she found comfort and joy in molding glass. However, her journey has not been without challenges. An unexpected autoimmune disease became a major roadblock, but the resilience to keep going stemmed from the love for the craft and the need to be with her child. Fourteen years into this journey, and she still burn with the same passion, proving that adversity often fuels the most remarkable tales of success.

Evolving Styles

The evolution of Glass Happy's style mirrors on her personal growth. Starting with basic production under a mentor, she transitioned to jewelry-making, a domain they fell in love with instantly. Over the years, she mastered the use of bright and playful colors, a signature that resonates with their love for the vibrant palettes of the '80s.


Every artist has a muse, and for Glass Happy, it's their child. Cooking, motherhood, and the vibrant imageries from the '80s are all sources of inspiration. Their work can best be described as "dopamine decor" – art that brings sheer happiness to the viewer, much like the decor style that's all the rage these days.

Goals and Dreams

Despite health challenges, Glass Happy has big dreams. She wish for better health to expand her horizons in glasswork and have an eye on some new equipment, notably the Herbie torch, which she believe would be perfect for her work.

Challenges and the Market Evolution

Health has always been a consistent challenge for Glass Happy. It limits the time they can spend behind the torch, constraining her ability to work on larger pieces.

Regarding the booming glass blown pipe/bong market, Glass Happy has a balanced view. On one hand, they appreciate the mainstream recognition of the art form, especially being a part of its growth. But with popularity comes saturation, which sometimes diminishes the uniqueness of the craft.

In closing, Glass Happy's journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit – from facing personal adversities to being a part of a rapidly evolving industry. Their work, featured on Tako Glass, is an embodiment of passion, resilience, and pure artistic talent. We are honored to have them as part of our vendor family.

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