Illadelph Glass: Get to Know our Vendors

Illadelph Glass 

Tako Glass is excited to introduce Illadelph Glass! Here at Tako Glass we are an official distributer of Illadelph Glassware, an exclusive, high-end glass art company that has been making glassware since 2002. Illadelph Glass was started in Philadelphia, PA and has since expanded throughout the surrounding areas. We love supporting U.S. made glass companies!

Illadelph’s progressive business model has enabled them to become a central player in the glass pipe industry. They believe in staying at the forefront of technology with scientific glass blowing techniques combined with individual aesthetics. They aim at pushing boundaries in the world of functional glass art with an ever growing product line and a broad scope of styles and methodologies.

The Quality of Craftsmanship

At Illadelph Glass critical attention is paid to quality and design. Their large line of quality production comes inclusively with All-American Glass Ground Joints, made for durability. Look out for the well-crafted seals between these joints and their bodies. This expertise takes years to develop. Also check out the durability in overall construction, with a readily observable consistent wall weight as well as consistency in all seals. Any imperfections or air bubbles measuring over 0.33 mms are considered ‘not to spec’, and are never shipped.

To name a few other groundbreaking Illadelph Glass advances that they have brought to the industry: Coil Condensers, Disc Perc Technology, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, Pyramid Percs, as well as the use of Heat Wands in conjunction with Hot-Hit Bowl Designs. 

The coil condenser is made to function as a maximum cooling and condensing mechanism for gases flowing through a water-cooled chamber. The coils are filled with a freezable gel and separate so they can be placed in the freezer between uses. Illadelph Glass introduced this tech to the pipe industry before any other company! This is just one of the many cool examples of why Tako Glass loves supporting Illadelph!

Quality Extending into Packaging

Their authenticity and high quality standards also show in their packaging. The Black and Gold heavy duty boxes they use take inspiration from high end liquor brands like Don Julio, the thick black & gold boxes introduced in 2020 open outwards to reveal your Illadelph piece in a memorable way. Counterfeits generally have poorer quality packaging, with imperfections in the print, and are made of a lesser grade material.

The die-cut foam insert in every Illadelph Glass box is made to blueprinted specs, designed to contour to our shapes. Utilizing a high quality foam construction, all boxes come equipped with this housing for our products. Boxes containing tubes will have cutouts for slides, grinders and down stems. Ash catchers will have areas designated for removable percs only.

Our boxes ship with tamper evident holograms to prevent counterfeiters from attempting to reuse the holograms. We also use full color printed labels to identify the label designs of our glass products along with the specific product name. If a piece does not include a hologram, there is no way to verify its authenticity. 

The Plastic Clip AKA K clip

Illadelph Glass has recently unveiled a newly fabricated plastic clip that securely holds together the removable pieces required in assembling the product for use. Currently the 19/22 glass ground joints that represent the majority of all lines of production utilize this new clip that has been re-sized for function. The Illadelph Glass registered trademark is boldly displayed at the front of each of these clips that come in various colors. 

Some of the Products We Currently Carry:

The Illadelph Rasta Beaker Bong comes in one of their exclusive black and gold heavy duty boxes. This Rasta Beaker Bong is 15" in height; super clean and streamlined. It is made of super thick boroscilicate glass and comes ready to use.

The base, with a decorative rettticello design, assures you there will be no tipping or knocking it over. It’s colored downstem has 2 flame polished slits and a hole out the bottom so it won't clog. I love that the downstem comes with their plastic K-Clip. This prevents the downstem from coming out when ripping a snap and pulling out the bowl. Included in your box is a black and gold Illadelph lighter!


The super exclusive Illadelph South Beach Beaker Bong features their signature beach labels you will only find on Illadelph glass. It has milky pink Bell Slide and milky green colored stem, super tropical like the beaches in South Beach! It sits at 19” in height super clean and streamlined. It is made of super thick boroscilicate glass and comes ready to use. The base is nice and wide, which assures you there will be no easily tipping or knocking it over. The colored downstem has 2 flame polished slits and a hole out the bottom so it wont clog.  

We also carry Illadelph Santa Cruz Hemp trays, jars and clipper lighters. The Small Illadelph x Santa Cruz Hemp Tray comes in green, purple, and red and are the perfect companion to the Illadelph jars we also carry. Made with Eco Friendly hemp it has a nice pour spout to keep you from loosing any precious herb! 

This Illadelph Jar is made with borosilicate glass with neoprene protection sleeve & powder-coated aluminum lid with laser engraved Illadelph logo.

Last but not least, the Illadelph Clipper Lighter is super easy to use and gives out a torch-like flame. Add it to your order and never run out of a light!

Check out more of the Illadelph Glass Collection on our website! 


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