Get to Know Jake C Glass!

JakeC Glass and Tako Glass


This month we are showcasing the incredible work of our vendor, Jake C Glass. He is a fantastic glass artist whose work we are so excited to carry in our shop. Jake C is a true legend in the world of glassblowing and his work is super hard to come by. For this reason, we feel especially fortunate to be able to carry his pieces.


In 2022, Jake took the year off from creating bongs and pipes, dedicating his time and skill toward creating pint glasses. Being able to share his work with the world is a pleasure and if you are not yet familiar with his gorgeous, clean, flawless designs, get ready to have your mind blown!


Read on to learn a little more about Jake C Glass and his journey to the torch.


About the Artist

Jake C Glass is a native of Tacoma, WA and he grew up fascinated by glass and always wanted to get his hands on it. A true artist at heart with a passion for all art and craft, his artistic background is varied and diverse. Jake has dabbled in just about everything artistically but glass is the one medium that really called him.


Jake C’s art is constantly changing and evolving, with the goal of constantly refining his purpose and finished products. A true creator, he gets bored making the same thing over and over.This drives his passion to constantly explore and mess around with new ideas, visions, and possibilities. For instance, check out his Leaf AP Dry pipe. This is an otherworldly design and only one was ever created! Organic in style and shape, with custom colors and really unbelievable detail work. If you’re after the headiest, this just may be the pipe for you! 


Staying Inspired to Create Glass

Like all artists whose work becomes their bread and butter, staying inspired is essential to the process. Jake C. Glass finds inspiration everywhere and in everything. Because he brings a fresh palate and open mind to all of his creations, he approaches each new design with wonder and curiosity. 


It is his aim to stay continuously fascinated with glass, so it is always on his mind, and that helps him relate it to other objects or feelings he experiences. It is this tuned-in method that helps guide his choices in color and shape or whatever he’s doing.


Looking to the Future

As an artist, Jake C’s goals extend into all areas of his life: the simple pursuit of happiness and having a happy family is at the top of his list. While the challenges are many, being able to pursue art as a career and a lifestyle is not something he takes lightly. 


The greatest challenge he faces as an artist is the constant balancing act. It’s a lot of hats to wear between designing, creating, selling, shipping, etc… but he chooses to do it this way because he enjoys the challenge.


Jake C’s thoughts on the tremendous growth of the glass-blown pipe and bong market are wholly positive. He hopes it continues to grow and would love to see greater acceptance and respect given to the industry. He has much praise for others helping to grow the industry and he admires the many great artists out there doing amazing work.  


He may call himself “just a dude making bongs” but Jake C Glass is so much more! Talent, skill, and vision are all wrapped up in everything produced on his torch. His creations are wildly original and each one speaks for itself. Sculpture, but entirely functional is how we would describe the Jake C Glass collection. Please check his work out; there is nothing in the world like it!