Get Ready for the Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day Sale - Tako Glass


Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, friends! Nothing like a day off in honor of all the hard labor we’ve done all year, so you know we are going to commemorate the occasion. We have a celebratory sale in store for ya, and we sure hope you don’t miss out. No holiday weekend is complete without that irie state of mind - we’ve got the perfect glass to keep you in check. So whatever you’ve got going on; getaways, barbeques, or pool parties - hop on this sale and make sure you are good and stoned! 


Grab Some Odo Glass


From now through Labor Day (Monday, September 5), you’ve got the chance to get some really wicked pieces from the incomparable Odo Glass. When you buy any piece from the Complex Dot Stack glass pipe collection from Odo Glass you will get 50% off any additional Odo Glass item. Now is your chance to stock up big time and explore the kaleidoscope of colors and abstractions found within each blown glass piece from Odo!


The Complex Dot Stack Series


The Complex Dot Stack collection of pipes from Odo Glass is truly magnificent, which is what makes this sale extra special. In the name of hard work, each one of these pieces is crafted through meticulous care, with many hours dedicated to creating the complex mandalas found on the caps. Each individual, intricate dot is placed precisely, mimicking the elegance of millefiori blown glass pieces. These pipes are absolutely among the best out there, presenting incredible artistic execution, killer style, and top-notch quality. In the light, each one of these shimmers brilliantly, allowing you to catch even more detail found within each mandala. For example, check out the incredible Complex Dot Stack Glass Pipe 3, or the Complex Dot Stack Glass Pipe 4; they are so unique and just gorgeous!  


There are currently only four of these gorgeous pipes in our store at the moment, so definitely grab them while they’re hot! And then, while you’re at it, don’t miss out on the rest of the sale that will be going down all weekend. Big savings on great glass ahead! 


Other Cool Odo Glass Goods


In addition to the Complex Dot Stack collection, Odo Glass has a pretty awesome range, with various styles and shapes. Be sure to check out the Jade Frit Glass Pipe, the Silver Marble Glass Hammer Pipe 4, and the Odo Chillum in Rasta Gold! Odo’s selection and craftsmanship are truly fantastic; if you’re a collector or simply a connoisseur with good taste, now is the time to score big!


The Labor Day sale here at Tako Glass is a good one, guys. Odo’s torch is known to deliver wild colors and they make some handy pieces that go just about anywhere, giving you all the versatility and style you need. So when we talk about a steal of a deal, that’s exactly what you’re getting with anything from Odo Glass. Treat yourself for all of your hard work; have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!