Get Ready for Some Big Things

Custom Glass Pipes


Welcome to 2022, Tako Glass fam! We want to wish you all a very happy new year and thank you for an absolutely amazing and successful 2021. We are beyond grateful for everyone getting involved, being part of the Tako community, and making this past year the best ever. Amazing things were created, the business grew, and we are full of ideas for creating even more insane works of art. To close out the year, we had an amazing and very busy December and we hope everyone is enjoying all the goods they scored. December sales were so great in fact that our shelves are pretty empty now! Nothing quite like kicking the year off with a clean slate.






Getting 2022 Off on the Right Foot



So, I’ve been getting in gear for 2022, ordering glass and other supplies to start creating new beauties for all of your lovely people. Gotta get those shelves filled up, ASAP, and man, am I brimming with ideas for new designs.






Not only am I planning to get busy creating incredible new pieces, this month I am going to be heading out to Las Vegas to take a four-day glassblowing class with none other than the brilliant, legendary Banjo, at the House of Boro studio. Banjo is an incredible artist, and I have been stoked over this opportunity for a while. I am a big believer in continuous learning and progressing one’s craft and I am going to learn so much during this course. I can’t wait to see how this impacts my art. Limited seats were available, and I luckily managed to score one. The event is sold out, so I’m really glad I was able to get in. House of Boro is the home of Leksono Glass, a super heady glass blower, who I am also thrilled to be in the presence of. My good friend Siren Apparatus will be doing the class alongside me, and that is going to be pretty rad, as he is one of the instructors I’ve learned plenty from. 






Other Big Things Happening



The next big thing we have going on is attending the Glass Vegas Expo, happening February 7-9 in Las Vegas as well. This is expected to be an incredible trade show, emphasizing the amazingly innovative culture of the glass industry. This is a show that is propelled by the artistic, passionate spirit of modern glass culture, and it celebrates the spirit and energy of glass art. Not open to the public, this expo is pretty much exclusive to the industry, so that should be interesting. It will be a meeting of minds, artists, entrepreneurs, companies, personalities, and for many of us who’ve been in it for long enough, a great way to meet new folks and connect with some of our greatest friends we’ve made over the years in this tight-knit community.






Let’s Get it On, 2022!



So, with all of that said, here at Tako Glass, we are thrilled about all the great things coming up this year. Here’s to new knowledge, new art, and new friends in the world of glass, y’all! Happy New Year!