Everything You Need to Know About Ice Catchers

Ice Catchers - Tako Glass



Bongs are amazing and one of the most popular ways to smoke weed. There’s just something so soothing about using water to add filtration to the smoke, creating a smoother, cooler, and more delectable hit. In recent years, ice catchers have become super popular, and there is a very good reason why! Ice catcher bongs take the bong experience to a new level, adding the intensity of ice to bring on even more cooling potential. 


What is an Ice Catcher?


Ice catchers, sometimes known as ice bongs, are a style of bongs and dab rigs, allowing you to fill the neck of the piece with ice cubes for cooling the smoke. This has the incredible ability to make hits gentler on the throat and also make it more comfortable to inhale larger volumes of smoke on each hit. 


Ice catcher bongs have pinched glass features inside the piece’s body, and they ensure the ice remains above the water chamber and typically above the percolators. This aspect serves as the last point of filtration the smoke encounters as it is channeled into the mouthpiece of the smoker. For those after the coolest experience, ice catchers are a must-have; no bong hits get cooler than these.



How do Ice Catchers Work?


While they deliver a super profound experience, they are pretty simple in design and functionality. Generally, ice catchers are composed of three pieces of glass, which protrude from the inside of the bong. They work to keep the ice suspended and elevated over the water line. You can prevent the ice from melting into the chamber by removing the ice after your smoke sesh, ensuring you’re not overfilling the water chamber.


Benefits of Ice Catchers


In addition to cooling your smoke for the chilliest hits and providing ample filtration, there are a few other great aspects of using an ice catcher. One example is that they have a pretty reliable built-in splash guard, ensuring you never have to deal with getting bong water in your mouth. Because the actual ice catcher is situated above the water chamber, you can rest assured there will be no splashing. Additionally, ice catcher bongs have an added design feature that looks rad; and while it doesn’t impact performance, visuals are super important.


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What to Keep in Mind


One important factor to keep in mind if you’re using an ice catcher is that you’ve got to pay attention to the water level in your bong’s water chamber. It should be cleaned regularly, and when using ice as part of your smoking, remember that the ice will eventually melt so water will need to be emptied. 


We hope this blog answers any questions you may have about ice catcher bongs! Extra-cool smoke, lusciously filtered mega-hits, and sick style; that about sums up why you need one of these babies in your collection.