Essential Accessories for Stoners

Accessories for stoners


Accessories add just a little something extra that makes the experience all the better. For stoners, accessories offer functionality, accessibility, and fun, so they should definitely be part of your repertoire. Here are our top seven picks of accessories you need in your stash. 


Chillum: While it may not be your main piece, a sweet little glass chillum is a must-have for any weed smoker. These pipes are also known as “one-hitters” because they offer just enough room for a couple of hits. They fit easily in a pocket, small purse, or backpack and are very easily concealed. 


Quartz Banger: Perfect for working with concentrates, you need to have a banger in your collection. A quartz banger is ideal because it has a higher melting point and stress rating. It can be heated and reheated without cracking. Keep them clean and you’ll have top-notch flavor at all times.


A Travel-Friendly Dabber: A handy travel-sized dabber is a great addition to your collection. Easily concealed yet always ready, they make life really nice when you’re on the go.


Pull Slide: An extra pull slide is always great to have on hand. A pull slide can also make an old bong feel like new. Whether as an extra or in a different style to pair with your bong for another type of performance, it’s always nice to have a few.


Grinder: Sure, you could live without a grinder, but why? These are inexpensive yet super handy when you want to achieve the perfect herb consistency. 


Glass Jar: Because glass is our preferred material around here, storing your herb in a sweet, designer-made glass jar is just nicer. Your herb should hold elevated status; why stash it in any ordinary vessel? Check out the sweetest herb glass jars around. 


 Mood Mat: Protect your surfaces and ensure your glass pieces are not lost to gravity and hard hits with our rad Tako Glass mood mat. Consider this a coaster for your glass pipe or bong. Bearing our signature purple octopus logo, this mat is as stylish as it is functional; place it on your desk, coffee table, or any surface you regularly smoke at to add some cushion. 


Cotton Swabs: Fresh AF cotton swabs are no ordinary Q-tips! These were designed specifically for the needs of potheads, and they are sure to keep your gear clean with just the right amount of cotton.


Rolling Papers: Perhaps you may not roll joints daily or weekly, but sometimes the occasion may arise. Keep a pack of rolling papers on-hand to ensure you have the option to roll a J


Secure Pipe Case: For all of your pipes, be sure you have a secure case to store them when not in use. This will protect them and allow you to move them safely whenever you need to. 


Pet Toys: Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re a stoner and have pets, surely you know the fun that comes with being stoned and playing with your dog or cat. Our hemp joints for dogs and catnip joints for cats will offer you and your pets hours of fun and entertainment. 


Stoner Accessories Just Make Life Sweeter

You don’t need all of these accessories to enjoy the stoner life, but they do help add some functionality and versatility to the same-old, same-old. Head over to the Tako Glass shop to check out all of our awesome glass pipes, bongs, and other accessories, and grab some goodies today.