Did You Know About the Tako Glass Etsy Shop?

Tako Glass Etsy Shop


As an artist, I am proud to be a part of the worldwide artists’ marketplace known as Etsy. In addition to the Tako Glass website, which offers full-scale eCommerce supplied by the products I produce, along with many other artists, offering my work on Etsy is another cool option available if you’d like to get your hands on a Tako Glass piece.


The Goods Available

On the Etsy shop, you can find a wide array of pieces, and sometimes the options are a little different than what you’ll find on the Tako website. Etsy does maintain several rules sellers have to abide by, including refraining from marketing that leads buyers off of Etsy, to avoid the fees they charge for items sold. 


What you will find on the Tako Glass Etsy shop is a generous assortment of products that appeal to a wide array of glass hunters. The demographic on Etsy is a bit different than my clientele who head straight to the website catalog. Etsy appeals to a wider, more commercial, more varied customer base. These customers are often looking for super high-quality glass pipes featuring brilliant artistry and unusual looks, while also being quite utilitarian. Those who shop on my website are very often collectors, long-time customers, those after custom pieces, as well as our informed fans who know they may find something really rare and unusual on the site! Variety is the spice of life and keeping things spicy is a good thing! ;) 


Our Etsy Shoppers Turn Into Long-Term Customers

Etsy is a major global marketplace and being on there makes the work of artists more accessible due to the search engine power. Having a dynamic Etsy shop gets my creations a tremendous amount of attention from those seeking out unique, beautiful, top-quality glass pipes, bongs, and other pieces. Many of these shoppers first discover my work on Etsy thanks to Google, and thus long-term relationships are built! 


Because my work is specialty blown glass pipes, they appeal to those after truly unique, artisan-crafted glass pieces. You can find generic glass pipes everywhere; from gas stations to your local head shop, but for those in search of glass works created by dedicated artists, Etsy is an unbelievable place to find unique treasures. With the immense progression of this niche market, there are now many glass collectors who collect fine glass pipes, made by artists who are committed to progressing the craft with innovative perspectives and technologies, while also respecting the incredible history of the art form.


Why Sell on Etsy?

Business, y’all! In the world of online selling, and really for artists in general, putting all of your eggs in one basket is not the smartest move. Being in more places allows me to reach a wider audience, which allows me to continue growing my business and helps to propel the businesses of those whose work is also found on the Tako Glass website. Also, Etsy appeals to many customers thanks to its super secure procedures and purchasing options. Having the backing of a powerful, legit marketplace makes many customers feel confident in their purchasing, and we are all about it.


Check us out on Etsy! 

So if you’re after glass pieces that are a little less ultra-high-end or perhaps simpler and more for everyday burning, you may find just what you’re seeking on the Tako Glass Etsy shop. Head on over, have a look, tell your friends, and buy some glass!