Crondo Glassics: Get to Know our Vendor!

Tako's good friend and fellow glass artist Ronnie Chavez known as Crondo619 of Crondo Glassics, is a true master of of the craft. He makes incredible pieces that are so unique, we are so stoked to be working with him. Our latest drop featured a ton of hash hammers and a totally rad Trout Lure Pipe made by Crondo and they are selling fast. 

Crondo grew up in the small town of Blythe in California. He describes his younger self as a misfit skater kid with little direction as to what he wanted to be when he grew up. In high school, Crondo's principal motivated to try something new and go work in Yellowstone instead of finishing his senior year. Crondo took his advice and set out on an adventure of self discovery and new experiences. He worked with Deadheads, rode around in VW buses and got a taste of the hippie life and the culture that came along with it. 

Flash forward years later, Crondo found himself in Arizona at a rock and gem show where he first laid eyes on a glassblower that blew his mind. The glassblowers name was Mark the Marble, third generation glassblower of 25 years from Lolo Montana. Mark the Marble's lifestyle of making art and traveling around 6 months of the year selling his glass flipped Crondo's world upsidedown. Crondo said he knew right then and there that he wanted to be doing just that for the rest of his life. 

Mark the Marble gave him a mini lesson right away and quickly left him to his own devices to see what Crondo could do. He made a Gonzo character and Mark was shocked by how much of a natural he was. Mark the Marble told Crondo to go buy the equipment and supplies he needed and start blowing glass. 

In 2001 Crondo bought a kit, a tutorial on blowing glass pipes, and started practicing every day. From the get-go, Crondo was so dedicated to the craft he would be on the torch in 120 degree weather on his porch. He said he remembered being near tears at times becuase it was so much harder than what they made it look like in his tutorial video. His first year he ended up waisting a lot of glass and producing a lot of pieces where the color wasn't melted in all the way. Crondo convinced people to buy his glass any way reassuring them that this look was intentional. That first year he ended up making $7000, had his first kid and named his business Ronsyd Glass combining his name with his daughters. 

With his daughter as his new found inspiration to improve his glass blowing, Crondo moved to El Cajon, California and started developing his skills further. The name Crondo came from an old high school nickname his friends used to call him and he decided it was perfect for his glass blowing and business name. 

Crondo spent time in San Diego practicing in his buddy's dad's backyard. He blew glass in a popup tent in the dirt, with a pitbull at his feet to keep him company. Crondo ended up getting a job blowing glass at Puffin Stuff where he met Arty, a skilled flameworker who showed Crondo some tricks of the trade and new styles to work with. He said a lot of his motivation came from a VHS tape that Arty gave him called Taboo Glass that still gets him excited about blowing glass today. 

Crondo went on to work with a number of talented glass artists in studios all over San Diego. He attended his first trade show in 2007 where his mind was blown all over again seeing the other side of the glassblowing scene. That promted him to fly to the Northwest to take a class with Jason Lee learning new glass blowing techniques like tube pulls, line work and tetrising. His skills developed rapidly after that and he focused on linework and sculpture ever since. 


Crondo's attended his first competition in 2009 and in 2010 he was asked to be in the Champs Flame Off where he was captain of a team of three including Jred and Scoz. Crondo went on to work on a production line for Glassphemy for four years before becoming self employed as Crondo Glassics. Crondo now works from home in his shop in Pullman WA where he sells his glass online and throughout the Pacific Northwest. He also attends barter fairs, selling his glass in grassroots settings. 

Crondo said he will continue to make heady, functional art for as long as he can.


Check out the new Crondo Glassics Collection on our website at, and you won't be disappointed! You can see the fineness and love for the craft in every piece he creates. His hash hammers are like nothing else and aren't only functional but works of art to be displayed in your homes as well. You won't wanna smoke your hash out of anything else once you get your hands on one of Crondo's glass hammers.