Cosmic Visions With Our Purple Nebula Glass



Having been a glass blowing pioneer over the past several decades, it has been a truly wondrous experience creating mind-blowing, mind-bending functional art pieces. I would like to take the time to tell you about one of the most exclusive - and requested designs we offer here at Tako Glass, just to share a little insight into the process and design work. Keep reading to learn more about our brilliant Nebula pieces and what makes them so unique in the world of glass! 


Like the Cosmos Exploding

Our Nebula glass designs evoke images of the universe, of stars, galaxies, clouds of exploding stardust, and dazzling cosmic activity. This signature colorway is a unique Tako Glass creation, with immense rarity in that very few other artists in the world of glass blowing can recreate the glowing essence of royal purples, striking deep blues, and cosmic space motifs. The edges of these designs feature glowing ozone; similar to images taken of planets in our solar system. These pipes are crafted to capture this kind of other-worldly richness, and very few artists globally have achieved the same types of colorations.


The Method to the Madness

Every nebula piece is a one-of-a-kind original, uniquely different from the next, no matter how similar they may be. The process begins with the creation of the body of the piece, and at this stage, they are almost entirely clear. The piece will then get reheated at 1000° to enable the colors strike; the longer the striking occurs, the deeper the purple turns. However, this takes extreme precision and patience, along with a keen ability to know when to halt the process. These fickle colors can be ruined if the striking goes on too long. As an artist, Tako finds this part of the experience to be extremely satisfying.


The process of creating purple nebula glass pipes is a work of skill and vision. It is the result of tremendous experimentation and a customized approach. I developed this design by creating my own colors, blending and crushing rods into frit to accomplish the depth and richness I was after. Adding further dimension with the addition of my “space dust,” each piece has its own unique sparkle.


After the striking is complete, the pieces must rest in the kiln until the next day, cooling to room temperature. The final results are revealed upon cooling, as you cannot tell what a pipe will look like at 1000°. Part of the excitement of creating these pieces is the anticipation of discovering what the finished products will look like. This aspect is perhaps the most motivating part, because the feeling of discovering the treasures created the previous day is immensely satisfying! 


Get Your Hands on a Nebula

Our collection of Nebula pieces is pretty sick and we encourage you to check these beauties out for yourself. Some fine examples currently in the shop include the Purple Nebula Brain 2, a stunning infusion of nebula glass and space dust; the Purple Nebula Glass Pipe, which is a thick frit spoon design featuring some of the boldest colors; and the Purple Nebula Drop Hammer 10 pipe, which features a voluptuous shape and the richest color-changing glass.


In the world of glass-blown pipes, the options are endless and there lie countless brilliant choices. If you’re searching for something unique and absolutely one-of-a-kind that’s sure to capture the attention of anyone who encounters it, get yourself something special from our Nebula collection. These works of art are beyond special and you’ll surely be the owner of a piece of art like another!