Bong Water: How Much Water Do You Need?

Water Bong - TakoGlass


Bongs are awesome. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles and they deliver a hell of an experience. Every cannabis smoker should have at least one in their collection of gear to use whenever the mood strikes. What makes bongs so unique is that they use water to achieve some pretty rad results, offering a contrast to burning smoke. Curious about how to get your water level perfect in your bong? Well, we’ve got all the details. Read on to learn how to master your water line and achieve those rippin’ hits! 


The Bare Basics of Filling Bong Water

Water offers various functions, such as filtration and cooling, which make for such great hits. Without the correct level of water, you risk poor functionality, and that just ruins the whole experience.


Using a normal bong, as in a beaker or straight style bong that doesn’t include a percolator or diffuser is the simplest option around. The main points to know when it comes to how much water you put in a glass bong are: 


  • Aim for the perfect mid-point water level
  • Don’t underfill the water
  • Don’t overfill the water


Pretty easy, right? Well, it definitely becomes easy once you master this minute detail. While the specific needs of each bong, rig, or water pipe have not been included in this article, in general terms these rules will apply.


How High Does the Water Go in a Bong?

Now is where we’ll share our professional insight on landing that perfect waterline, the fine balance between underfilling and overfilling that will ultimately fulfill your every need, every time you hit that bong.


Step 1: Examine your bong. This entails checking to determine if it has a kick hole or carb hole. Check to see if it has a fixed downstem, a removable downstem, or if it’s a stemless model. Assess the bowl’s height.


Step 2: Fill it up! A general rule is to fill the water as far as possible, but ensure it does not cause any trouble. If you have a downstem, it should be entirely covered by the water, yet the water must not be high enough to enter the air hole, the bowl, or get into your mouth. As a rule, water should never be entering your mouth when inhaling! Bongwater in your mouth or smoking wet herbs is not the goal here, and these consequences should be avoided!


Step 3: Now let’s discuss underfilling. Because the water should be filled as high as possible, underfilling would be filling it below the maximum possible. For example, if the downstem is exposed and not submerged, your bong water is probably underfilled. 


Bongs and water rigs are phenomenal devices for smoking weed. There’s nothing that can match the experience of cool, crisp, smooth, delicious hits that have been properly filtered. Not enough water won’t give you a full experience; while too much water will make your lungs work harder to get decent hits. Striking that fine balance though, by having the right water level in your bong is an absolute essential and will lend to extremely pleasurable bong sessions. So, experiment away, friends, and let it rip. We hope this article has been informative for you!