Best Glass Pipes for Your Road Trips

Best Glass Pipes for trips


Road trip season is on and we all know having all your gear at the ready is a must. If you are hitting the road soon or are planning on it, we’ve got all the details on the best glass pipes for your road trips. In theory, almost any pipe will do, but a few insider, expert tips will make the experience top-notch; and on every trip, isn’t that what you’re aiming for? Read on and happy road tripping! 

Best Pipes for Traveling

The best glass pipes for road trips need to be functional, most importantly. When you’re on the go, you need a piece that gets the job done without a hassle. Simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use pipes like hand pipes and chillums are the best in this case, especially if you are busy doing active things like hiking, going to shows, or checking out local scenes.

What you need in a pipe for traveling:

  • Versatility
  • Easy concealment
  • Easy carrying and usage
  • Thick, sturdy glass

Another thing to consider: don't be limited by the style of your pipe. If you are all about water pipes, these are perfectly suitable for road trips too. They allow you to have all the comforts of home without losing out on those smooth, filtered hits you're used to.

Road Trips: Tako’s Pics for the Best Glass Pipes 

Here are our expert picks for the best pipes to use on road trips.

Fume Flower Glass Pipe 5: This handy hand pipe from UncleFish is perfect for anyone who is traveling or lives an active lifestyle. It fits perfectly in the hand, looks awesome, will definitely have some sick color-changing action, and isn’t over-the-top pricey. Therefore, if the worst-case scenario happens while you're traveling, it won’t be too heavy of a loss.

Tako Mega Opal 10MM Travel Rig: Made for travel and top-quality performance, this water pipe will ensure you enjoy every session to its fullest no matter where you are. Mini size, super thick glass, and goes just about anywhere.

Purple Ghost Chillum: The pipes from this collection are awesome. Small and functional; use them anywhere. Thick glass, swirling colors, and inspired by the ghost planet - designed to make you RIP when you use one! 

Molten Ribbon Chillum 14: Our good friends over at Molten Imagination know how to craft some sweet pipes. This chillum is the perfect little partner for all of your adventures. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, easy to keep under the radar, and super versatile. Its colors are going to evolve, so get ready!

Silver Fume Bubbler Sparkle Blue: On-the-go burning couldn’t be more fun or tastier than with this mini water pipe from Cose Glass. Its simple design offers maximum pleasure with pure functionality. It is crafted of uber thick glass, fits easily and comfortably in the hand, and has a flat base for easy use. 

Purple Seaweed Chillum 1: If you need a great pipe for road tripping and you simply cannot compromise on having top-notch super-thicky glass and Tako’s signature seaweed stylee, this is the pipe for you! This one hitter is loaded with purple clouds that will change color over time into electric blues and brighter violet shades, with tons of sparkle. 

Dazed by Dichro Puzzle 8: Incredible style and maximum functionality: that’s what you’re getting with this heady hand pipe from the geniuses at Lab Rat Glass. It has a wild iridescent mosaic infused along the top of the pipe, set into a rich cobalt base, and a bold green flower swirl; gorgeous and will surely take care of business.


Necessary Extras

Additionally, make sure you have a storage case or someplace super safe to store your piece when you’re not using it. This will ensure you always know where it is and that it’s well-protected. 

Keep a few lighters on hand. Yeah, kinda obvious, right? Just a reminder, though, because they always seem to disappear, get lost, or handed out. Extra gear is always a good thing. 

You may even want to consider a backup pipe, just in case. Not high on the list of necessities, but something to keep in mind if you feel like going the extra step in prep.

So there you have it: the best glass pipes for road trips and just about everything else you may need a pointer on. Road trips are great and there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy your travels in the right state of mind. Have fun out there, y’all, and be safe!