Best Glass for Summer

It finally feels like summer in Washington which means smoking outside in the sunshine! Time to come out of hybernation and get some glass to pair with that new found energy summer brings. Today we are gonna dive right in to what we think are the best glass pieces to use on all your summer adventures. Whether you're hanging out by the river or at the beach, going on a hike or just relaxing in the backyard, these pieces are going to be your new daily drivers as the weather just keeps getting better. 

There's nothing like smoking the coolest and smoothest hits when the sun is beating down on you, and that's where ice catchers come in. We love a good bong featuring an ice catcher to make sure every hit you take is cooled down. 

The Tako Blue Opal bong is 21" tall and exactly what you need for those backyard sessions. It has a huge beaker base to fill with cold water and an ice catcher to make sure those hits stay cold and refreshing. This bong has ideal proportions for holding just the right amount of water for extra percolation and filtration.

Crafted with the sophisticated enthusiast in mind, this 50mm Single Ratchet 16" WP  by our friends at C2 Custom Creations is like glass luxury. With a height towering at an impressive 16 inches it ensures a huge smoke chamber for cooling and smoother hits. The Ratchet Perc delivers super dope filtration which makes for a smoother and cleaner inhale.

Sometimes a bong won't cut it when it comes to vibes. Tako says he likes using heavy hitters in the summer time. He says he likes to chill out by the lake with flashy glass, something to show off to his friends. Summer time is all about hanging with your buddies and show casing the coolest glass pieces in your collection. Heady glass is what we are talking about! 

 The Space Cricket Double Bubbler  is gorgeous with that silver fumed glass and offering all the filtration and percolation you want. I personally like the disked mouthpiece because it's a great window to watch how fat of a hit you are taking. Or call out your buddy on such a weak hit. 

If you really want to be the talk of the town you might just consider bringing out the Wizard Spiked Sherlock by Tako himself. The massive marble with an opal reminds me of a crystal ball that let's you gaze into the 4th dimension. Nebula purple patterns with a sparkle space dust sprinkling.


Nothing says summer like those wildcard pieces. The ones that are less practical, but get you and your friends f*cked up. This is where the steamroller comes in. No water required so they're easy to take with you on the go, and the ideal piece to pass around to your buddies at the beach. Summer time means keeping everyone laughing, the good times rolling, and everyone high as a kite. 

We have some awesome steamrollers back in stock just in time for the heat! One of the fan favorites is the Dragon Steamroller by Sinister Designs. We are lucky enough to have some of their pieces in our inventory, and these steamrollers are so rad!  The Dragon Steamroller is over a foot long and features a badass dragon head extending from the bowl towards the mouth piece within the glassn making you feel like you're puffing out smoke like a fire breathing dragon!  

Sinister also makes a slightly more compact steamroller  also featuring an incredible dragon head within the tube. They feature fumed color changing glass and added swirls of color around the clear glass making them pop with just the right amount of color. 

Or maybe you want to get really wild and grab that Double Barrel Shotgun Glass Pipe. Make your friends put the barrel in their mouth and take a hit for all the laughs and all the vibes as you get baked in the sun.  The double barrels are just like the Beretta in your dads closet. The trigger makes my finger itchy. With a wood colored grip and a carb located right behind the trigger, you get that classic gun feel as you take a hit. 

And if you're on the go and need something a little easier to throw in your bag or hold while riding your bike, we got that covered too. Que the pocket pipes, chillums, and oneies. You can't go wrong with small glass pipes! Easy to clean, easy to carry and easy to pass to your friends even when you're on the move. We love the Mushroom Chillums  by Glass Happy because they truly put smiles on everyones faces! 

Tako also makes the perfect Purple Plasma Pipes that will make your jaw drop. They're stunning with those exclusive Tako glass purple clouds, color changing glass, and all those sparkles. These pipes are so sturdy too and can handle being thrown in your backpack before a hike or tossed in the cup holder in the car on the way to your next adventure. 

Don't forget we also sell cases for when your summer adventures get a little rowdier! The Ryot Hardcases are just what you need if you're looking for some added protection of your beloved glass pieces. They come in two different sizes and various colors to fit whatever your vibe is this season. 


So whatever your summertime plans are, make sure you add some functional glass to the mix. Your friends will be stoked when you whip out that show stopping piece while chilling by the lake. 

A reminder that we are still doing a Scooters Glass  giveaway with a purchase of a Scooters Glass Pipe you will be entered into a drawing to win a free Scooters Glass Vortex Hand Pendant! 

Our 4th of July sale is coming up too! Keep an eye out for this next big sale so you can buy all that glass you need to keep the summer shenanigans going.