Basic Weed Smoking Accessories

420 tools


Weed accessories are pretty subjective; for every stoner who demands the bare basics, there are just as many who like an assortment of goods to keep the experience perfect for every occasion. Because we know all about weed smoking accessories, basics and elaborate, this article will serve to deliver what you need to have a great experience every time. Because in life, it’s all about the little things! 


Essential Gear for Burning

A Glass Pipe: This may or may not be considered an “accessory” but every weed smoker needs one in their collection. Even if you prefer bongs or joints or blunts, a pipe is a must-have.


One-Hitter: A nice, reliable one-hitter or chillum is so portable, reliable, and efficient, that you’d be crazy not to have one at the ready. They go everywhere, fit anywhere, and get the ganja burning at a moment’s notice. 


A Designated Weed Jar: Having the right tools makes everything better and more functional, and a designated weed jar is ideal. Air-tight and preferably made of a material like glass, your herb will stay fresh and protected from outside influence.


Lighter- Gotta obtain your fire somehow, and no smoker can live without a lighter! 


Grinder: A grinder is always great to hand, particularly if you want to get your herb to that perfect consistency. No weed kit is complete without a grinder! 


Pull Slides: Made to partner with bongs, extra pull slides are always nice to have. Whether just to have spares, or if you want different styles to get different types of performance, options are always a good thing. And, in this case, a purple nebula pull slide is always a good idea.


A Pipe Case: Storing your glass pieces safely is so important! Be sure to have a secure, protective case to keep your pipe in whenever you are not using it. 


Rolling Papers: Always necessary to have on hand! We highly recommend choosing the highest quality papers you can find, such as ice paper, which is the ultimate in performance. Hemp paper is the next best thing, however, if you can’t get your hands on ice.


Cotton Swabs: Not all cotton swabs were made to handle the unique needs of smoking, but Fresh AF cotton swabs sure are! Well-made for durability and getting the job done! 


Fun Extras for Any Smoker


For dabbing, quartz bangers are the best because not only are they built to provide maximum performance with their high sidewalls and large bases, they keep the waste to a minimum. They are super clean and do not affect the taste of your dabs.


Dabbers & Dab Straws: If dabbing is your jam, get yourself a sweet dabber to make the process awesome. If you’re an on-the-go kinda person, dabber pendants are stylishly worn as jewelry, giving you instant gratification anytime you need it.


For the Pets: If you wish to indulge your pets in the glory of the good herb, our selection of cat and dog weed-inspired toys is rad! Whether as a joke or because you know your fur babies deserve the most fun, catnip joints for cats and blunt-shaped dog toys will provide endless hours of entertainment. 


Eye Drops: Kinda self-explanatory, but an always-helpful remedy for defeating red eyes and dry eyes! 

When it comes to weed, the basics are always great, options are a blessing as well! Accessories just make the experience better, keep you organized, and add to the versatility. Experience is everything; even if you’re all about simplicity, the right accessories can make it all the better!