Banjo, The House of Boro, and Learning From the Greats!

Banjo, The House of Boro, and Learning From the Greats!

One of the most exciting things I have coming up in the coming weeks is a glassblowing class I am taking at the House of Boro glass studio in Las Vegas. This class will be taught by the legendary glass artist, Banjo. It’s a sold-out 4-day course, and because only a certain number of seats were offered, it is truly a great honor to have scored one. One of my dear friends and former instructor, Siren Apparatus is attending with me, and we are anticipating a really great time. 


The House of Boro

The House of Boro is a rad glass studio in Vegas, and it is the home of the phenomenal blower, Leks Eno. I know I will be in great company there, and I’m really looking forward to the experience. As an artist, one of the most rewarding parts of my craft is learning from others and simply being immersed in the culture, and this course will surely be an incredible learning opportunity.


About Banjo

There are countless glass artists out there, but Banjo is really on another level. Glass is just the medium his ideas happen to emerge through, and his thoughtful explorations that blend deep thoughts and remarkable technical chops are some of the wildest creations being made in glass. According to his website: “Banjo puts faith in a future that allows our technological and spiritual abilities to exist in harmony for the benefit of our species’ evolution, as well as for the good of all future generations of life on earth.” 


Banjo’s work, however, extends beyond just function, and art is sought after by collectors for its brilliantly psychedelic styling. Between the diversity of subjects he infuses into his designs, along with the storylines and depth of his creations, Banjo’s art is really something to behold. His fans are not just those invested in cannabis culture but include an extensive range of collectors who see the genius in his sculpture.


Banjo’s art has been exhibited alongside such visionaries as Alex and Allyson Grey, Chris Dyer, Luke Brown, and Amanda Sage. 


The World as Seen by Banjo

There is no simple way, to sum up Banjo’s art; think pop culture meets Transformers, combined with goddesses, chimera-like creatures, and explosions of color. He infuses his glass sculptures with a combination of post-modern industrial touches and ancient deities; motorcycles, molecules, the sacred feminine, and all sorts of mind-blowing details, crafted of borosilicate glass. As both a glass artist and lover of creativity, the only way I can describe the creations that emerge from Banjo’s torch is out of this world. 


There are now more opportunities than ever for glass artists to be acknowledged for their works, as both functional and objects of beauty, and Banjo is considered the godfather of this niche. He has managed to build an incredibly devoted fan base, without doing traditional art or needing recognition from the traditional art world. His work is scooped up by collectors and fans as quickly as pieces are created, and there is solid evidence why - there is just nothing else like it!


Being able to take a course with Banjo over multiple days is seriously an honor and I cannot wait for the experience. Sharing knowledge, gaining knowledge, and being immersed in the world of glass is what it’s all about. Can’t wait to share what I learn!