Are You Buying Your First Heady Glass Pipe? We Can Help!

Heady Glass Pipes - Tako Glass


So the time has come: you are looking to invest in your first heady glass pipe. Well, friends, you are in the right place! We have an incredible selection of one-of-a-kind glass pipes and bongs in some of the sickest designs. Tako Glass offers top-shelf pieces created at our own studio, as well as by some of our superbly talented friends. Read on to learn a little about our commitment to creating heady glass pipes and bongs and gain some insight into various collections you absolutely need to check out! 


The Collector’s Choice Collection


We have a designated collection on the Tako Glass website that is all about the headiest of the heady pieces: Collector’s Choice. These are the rare, unique, high-end, designer glass pipes and bongs that are typically the only ones of their kind, made by Tako and various other artists. For obvious reasons, they appeal to collectors and those interested in investing in glass pieces that make a pretty loud statement. While these are not typically your “every day” pipes and bongs to burn with, they are phenomenal to own, admire, and of course, use whenever you want.  


For example, have a look at the stunning Lotus Flower Bong that was recently created as a collaboration between Tako Glass and Realization Glass. This designer glass bong really hits the sweet spot between functionality and sculpture. 


The Outer Reef Octopus Water Rig is yet another brilliant creation available in the collection, designed and crafted by Pacini Glass. This piece features smooth, sandblasted glass that reacts beautifully under UV black light.


The Woodgrain Bubbler Pipe from my pal Neemo Glassworks is a magical piece that evokes the mystical woods with its organic, wood-like shape and twists and turns reminiscent of true wood grain. It features knobs and whorls, along with a sandblasted, matte-like finish for added detail. 


Signature Pieces from Tako Glass


Additionally worth mentioning are the various pieces available from Tako Glass that are signed and dated, adding yet another element of authenticity to the work. Among these creations is the color-changing Purple Seaweed Triple Opal Hammer Pipe, featuring super thick glass, opals, purple seaweed-nebula colors, and cosmic sparkle dust.


The Purple Nebula Big Bong is just like its name implies: it’s a big, beautiful bong! Standing at 20” tall with deep purple nebula detailing and a fatty 6” diameter base, this was made for elegant style and impeccable performance.


The Celestial Nile River Pipe is a nod to Egyptian glass pipes with its ultra-thick structure. It was crafted with pure silver and is finished with a massive opal for an added bit of bling.  


Creating Heady Pieces: It’s a Lifestyle


Tako Glass pipes and bongs are sought after by collectors from all over, and it’s because Tako’s work is created in his signature style, often with his nebula color and swirls. These rich, enticing cosmic designs are the result of years of practice and experimentation; very few blown glass artists pull off these kinds of dramatically colorful results. It takes patience, trial and error, a solid understanding of chemistry, and a hefty investment in the highest quality materials to pull off these results.


It’s not easy working on the torch, in the fire, in the kilns to create mind-blowing new works, but someone’s gotta do it! Haha - our team is entirely dedicated to pushing the limits here at Tako Glass, and as artists, delving into our deepest creative potential is part of the job. Sure, we create an array of simpler pieces, which definitely serve a fine purpose, but to quench those artistic yearnings, we commit a great deal of time, energy, and experimentation toward constructing new, unique works. Happy shopping, friends!