All You Need to Know About Different Types of Hand Pipes

Best glass pipes

We all love a good hand pipe and there are just so many incredible pieces out there to enjoy! It’s a pretty good time to talk about all the cool types of hand pipes available and share some unique points about them. Plus, since we are inching closer to the holiday season, they make the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers! 


Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the quintessential weed pipe and they are, perhaps, the most common of the bunch. One end features a hollow bowl and the opposite end has a mouthpiece. These glass pipes have earned their name from their spoon-like shape and they come in the widest selection of colors, designs, sizes, and styles. Therefore, it’s pretty much impossible not to find one that suits your taste and preferences. Spoon pipes are simple to use, elegant to admire, and they can easily go anywhere you need them to without a big fuss. Their smooth shape allows for convenience and easy storage.


Sherlock Pipes & Gandalf Pipes 

Think of our friend, Sherlock Holmes, solving mysteries with his iconic pipe in hand. These pipes, hence their name, pay homage to Mr. Holmes by their name and also their rather cool old-school style. Sherlock pipes feature a U-shape design and they are often favored by those who enjoy taking cooler hits. The extended design of these pipes allows the smoke to cool a bit for maximum comfort. Similarly, Gandalf pipes present a comparable shape, design, and function, in a more extended version. If you’re after a statement piece, a Sherlock or Gandalf pipe will take care of you right! 


Chillums & Steamrollers 

Also known as one-hitters, chillums will get you chill to the max. These pipes generally have a cylindrical shape, where one end includes the bowl and the opposite end has the mouth hole. In most cases, these pipes are on the smaller side. They are typically great for portability and on-the-go use because they hold enough herb for one hit and can be concealed conveniently. Another variation includes steamroller hand pipes, which are chillums that deliver mega-sized hits.


Water Pipes

Water pipes are also called bubbler pipes, and they are similar to bongs in that they hold a small amount of water to provide similar cooling and filtration of smoke for the smoothest hits. Glass bubbler pipes include a stem with the bowl that holds the bowl in place while connecting to the water reservoir. These pipes are available in an infinite array of colors, styles, sizes, and designs while delivering a superb experience. 


Hammer Pipes

Hammer pipes, as their name implies, are shaped like a hammer, where the bowl sits within the hammer’s head and the mouthpiece is on the end of the handle. These pipes are known for their fabulous ergonomics which allow them to fit very comfortably in the hand. This design of hammer pipes is also quite nice for the built-in feature that enables the pipe to catch ash that slips through the blowhole. 


While the above pieces cover the most common types of hand pipes around, there are infinite variations in these styles. Today’s glass artists are always pushing limits and creating wild new styles, but these are the general styles most of us are accustomed to. We suggest you try them all; fill your collection with each style to ensure you have a bowl that suits your every need!