About Tako Glass

Tako, of Tako Glass, has a long history of creating functional glassworks. With a passion that started in 1998 as a self-taught glassblower, he slowly developed his craft. As he built a following throughout the US, his skills improved tremendously, and over the next two decades, his pieces could be found all over both the east and west coasts of the North American continent. From the Santa Cruz swap meet, to Lake Tahoe ski resort parking lots, to head shops all over the Seattle area, Tako built a following and continues to pursue this art today.

When you buy a product from Tako Glass, you are not purchasing a mass-produced, factory-made, run-of-the-mill item. On the contrary, each piece is one of a kind, representing the craftsmanship and legacy of glass blowing that has gone into its creation. The history behind this brand comes down to Tako himself, an artist and glassblower. The quality and uniqueness found in every bowl, pipe, rig, waterpipe, and other accessories like bangers, and pull slides simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Every stunning design is hand-crafted using time-honored techniques and skills that have been honed over decades. The colors, shapes, swirls, and functionality of these pieces are truly like nothing else. And whether you are a connoisseur, hobbyist, or part- time enthusiast, you will be in awe of both the work and artistry found in every Tako creation.

As a leader and steward of a very niche industry, Tako has become known as more than just an artist. In addition to carrying a full range of Tako Glassworks on his website, Tako also offers a wide range of products crafted by other artists. Among those whose works are carried by Tako Glass are artists such as Lab Rat Glass, Lavender Jones, ABMP Glass, and Street Kitty Glass.

The online collection includes an array of different brilliant styles and types of pieces. Among these are water pipes, peace pipes, sherlocks, nebula pipes, and hand-held pipes of all varieties. The visuals these pieces present are nothing short of magnificent, utilizing a range of show-stopping colors, shapes, and artistic details. Some pieces are designed using color changing fu_me glass, which grows more gorgeous as it is used. Many of the glass designs in this collection take usage into consideration for comfort and versatility, ensuring users are not only mesmerized by the art, but fully enjoy using the pieces over and over again. Many pieces feature stunning opal glass details, which adds interest beautifully. Other pieces are created using vividly intense dichroic glass, which is among the most dazzling and radiant of glass types. Taking things to yet another level is the Tako Black Label collection, which includes a range of super exclusive products, signed and dated by Tako himself.

One particular rig from the Tako Blue Label collection is the Nebula Rig 14mm, which is simply breathtaking. This work of art is a true masterpiece of design, blending exquisite form and functionality. The addition of Apollo opal sphere marbles are an eye-catching detail of this rig, however, it’s the Nebula galaxy sculptural detail within the rig that truly makes this piece breath-taking.

Enrich Your Collection With Tako Glass

While the internet may be filled with all varieties of generic glass pipes, Tako Glass is your one-stop shop for the most visually-arresting glass works around. We invite you to browse our selection and explore the world of Tako Glass. Keep your mind open; these pieces are simply beyond!