A Tako Glass Original: Witnessing the Birth of a Star



Are you fascinated by the cosmos, the ever-changing brilliance of the stars? Have you spent many an evening gazing above at the heavens, marveling at the infinite expanse of stars in our universe? Have you ever wanted to witness the birth of a star? Well, if you have, you will most definitely appreciate Tako’s latest pipe creation: Birth of a Star.

Inspired by the universe and its incredible creative, life-giving power, Birth of a Star is truly an artistic achievement. Read on for more details!


Stars in Your Eyes

Birth of a Star is a wondrous, unique design featuring deep, thick clear glass that will slowly change colors with time and use, eventually revealing its intense, vivid essence. Billions of stars will ultimately dot the landscape of this piece, echoing the depths of the universe where stars are born. It has been crafted entirely of magnificent opal tubing, which will set the tone of this piece to sparkle profusely, just like the sky on a clear night.

Layers and dimensions are created throughout the piece with silver fu me, facets, and moon dots, while intricate inside-out work results in rich details. The carb is reinforced, ensuring the thumb is positioned away from the heat when you are using it. Facets are set upon the mouthpiece and the bowl section, resulting in reality-bending perspectives, transporting you to the 4th dimension simply upon gazing.


Behold Opals Galore

If you like your glass pipes set with opals, Birth of a Star represents pay dirt in a trippy opal mine! Tons of glittering opals are found on this piece, offering plenty of eye candy for the savoring. An extra-large opal sphere brings some planetary elegance, like a gazing ball into another solar system. A blue ghost opal invites a peer into the realm of the phantoms. Another extra-large faceted opal coil draws eyes into its brilliant rainbow hues, like a gleaming kaleidoscope orb. A power opal crystal is set next to the carb, terminated to tap into the rich Mana of this piece. It is our intent for that powerful life- force energy of love and creation to be channeled right back to the person using the pipe. The only way to accurately describe the detail of this piece is by saying you will never have enough time in your life to take in all of its depth and beauty.


Want to Experience A Birth of a Star in Your Hands?

A Birth of a Star is an extraordinary, alluring work of art like nothing else. While Tako’s exclusive collection of original, handmade pieces has garnered a dedicated following, this pipe is truly remarkable and like nothing else out there. One of a kind and truly a showstopper, if you’re in search of a piece that will inspire and enchant for years to come, don’t let Birth of a Star get away! Purchase includes a certificate of authenticity as well as a protective hard case for secure storage. This is simply a Tako Glass masterpiece!