4:20 is a Holiday for Stoners

420 Holiday


4:20 is coming up and we have plenty in store for you! It’s one of the busiest and most important days of the year and throughout April we are giving you something to celebrate. All month long, we’ve got discounts running. So if you’re looking to load up on sick pieces to commemorate the day with, get shopping soon! Additionally, be on the lookout for new items listed daily; if you like what you see, grab it before it’s gone!


More About 4/20

4/20, 4:20, and April 20th all mean the same thing: a worldwide celebration of cannabis! Hundreds of thousands of people all over the US and elsewhere gather to honor this great herb of profound enjoyment. From major celebrations and rallies that draw in massive crowds, to the more humble get-togethers people host among their friends and loved ones, it’s always worth commemorating. However you choose to honor the day, though, we’ve got everything you need to do it right.


How Did 4:20 Originate? 

There are many theories about the origins of 4:20, and while none of them are confirmed to be the true “one,” they all add some mystique to this super fun day of celebration. There have been many references to 4:20 in pop culture; from the clocks in Pulp Fiction (circa 1994) being set to 4:20 permanently to the scoreboard in Dazed and Confused reading 42-0, and of course, Elon Musk’s consideration of taking Tesla stock private at $420; no matter how you slice it, 4:20 equates to FUN! 


Some of the stories of the beginnings of 4:20 include:


The Cops Started it: One story claims that it was a police code for pot-smoking, and they would radio into headquarters with “there’s a 420 in progress at the high school parking lot” and eventually the terminology caught on and everyone started using the code.


Meetup at 4:20: Another bit of historical prevalence comes from Colorado University, where everyone used to meet up at 4:20 to burn, and slowly but surely, it became a universal thing. Who doesn’t love a 4:20 sesh, anyway?


The Waldos: In 1971, a group of teenagers in San Rafael, Ca, coined themselves “The Waldos” and met up daily to get lit against a wall outside their high school, where a Louis Pasteur statue stood. “4:20 Louis” was their designated time, and eventually this urban legend was popularized by High Times in the ’90s. However, adding further credibility to the myth, was that one of the founding Waldo members, Dave Reddix, went on to become a Grateful Dead roadie. And it is thought that through the Dead culture, the phrase quickly gained popularity as the most acceptable time of the day to indulge in cannabis.


4:20 Today

Oh, how the times have evolved! What used to be coded and hushed is now widely celebrated and honored on a global scale! 4/20 or 4:20 today is a massive holiday and anyone with any interest or involvement in the industry takes the day to tip their hats to all things green. It’s the ultimate stoner holiday and it is always the best time to meet up with friends, burn the good stuff, and laugh all day long. And by all means, this is always done best with a lovely new glass piece, worthy of the finest smoke around. So check out the latest Tako Glass selection, get your orders in, and get ready to have an awesome 4/20 2022!