4/20, Every Stoners Favorite Holiday.

As soon as April hits, all the stoners start preparing for their favorite time of year. 420 festivals and parties are taking place all over the country. We have been celebrating 4/20 for the past few weeks with our site wide sale that includes major price mark-downs and 15% off all at www.takoglass.com. It's like Christmastime for stoners! So make sure you soak up all the savings and get yourself a new glass piece!

The origin stories of 420 range from a police code for marijuana possession, to a few high schoolers in Cali growing their own herb in the woods and drawing a map to its location and meet up at 4:20pm. Whatever you believe, April 20th has stuck as a holiday all about getting high, paying homage to cannabis, going on adventures, getting discounts on herb and glass, and eating all your favorite snacks.

How do you celebrate?

My favorite way to celebrate 4/20 is getting stoned and enjoying the outdoors. I love taking my favorite bubbler from Tako Glass down and a speaker to the garden with me and getting a little toasty before planting seeds or weeding. Sometimes I bring my goats along with me for some extra company. Nothing beats watching my goats frolic around the garden while I'm lighting up.

The first piece I ever smoked out of was a bubbler. I would take the smoothest rips outside my backdoor, being as quiet as I could, so my mom wouldn't catch me and lighting incense in my room just in case she could smell the herb on my clothes. 

This Cose Gold Fume Bubbler reminds me so much of the bubblers I used to smoke out of after high school. It's a perfect on the go bubbler because it's compact and doesn't require a ton of water. Bubblers are known for producing great tasting and smooth hits because the smoke filters through the water before hitting your mouth, which is why I always had mine in my backpack ready to go with me on my next smoking adventure. 

I also have so many memories of getting together with my friends on April 20th, a bong and our hammocks in hand, trekking into the woods to find a sunny spot to chill and get high. We would look forward to it for weeks beforehand! 

Tako likes to celebrate by getting stoned and blowing glass. Some of his favorite pieces he's ever made were created with the help of herb. No smoke sesh is complete without a getting a little creative and making a sweet piece of glass art. Tako also loves wandering around his property and getting yard work done with a purple nebula pipe in his hand loaded with the good stuff. 

What are your favorite munchie snacks?

Nothing says 420 like your favorite munchie snacks. When I was younger, it would be a slushie from 711, candy and a bag of chips to take with me on my adventures. But now I like to make homemade crunch wrap supremes and something sweet for a late in the day snack, like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.


Tako's favorite stoner meal is a fat Hawaiian Plate Lunch, maybe chicken Katsu with extra mac salad. Getting stoned outside with all his friends, crushing a can of Hawaiian Sun Lilikoi juice to cure the cotton mouth. That is all you really need to celebrate 4/20 according to Tako. The end of April in Washington is when the weather starts to get good and us Washingtonians finally step out of hibernation. Shorts weather and 4/20 go hand in hand in these parts. Some good herb and sunshine is what it's all about. 

No matter how you celebrate 420, don't forget to treat yourself to a new glass piece. Our 420 sale has been going strong and just keeps getting better. There are huge discounts located in our Secret Stash Dealz page on our website. Tomorrow on 4/20 Tako will be doing giveaways with purchases made on the same day (Saturday April 20). This means you will automatically be put into a drawing to win a free goodie with your purchase from www.takoglass.com. So don't miss out on your chances to win and don't miss out on the amazing deals we have going on, which will end the day after 4/20.