Where to Buy Your First Glass Cannabis Pipe

Where to Buy Your First Glass Cannabis Pipe

You may prefer to use cannabis recreationally or medically. If you are a first-time user there are several things you need to know. There are also some things to consider. Partaking in cannabis is a matter of choice. It is not medically recommended everywhere. If you choose to use it, do it at your convenience. For most marijuana users, using a pipe is a better choice.

By definition, a glass pipe is a handheld device you can use to consume cannabis. They are very common but mostly in states where one form or another of cannabis is legal.

How They Work

Glass cannabis pipes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their core reason for creation is the same: to assist you in inhaling cannabis smoke that is cool and filtered. It includes a bowl where you place the dry cannabis. Once you set the dry cannabis alight, the water inside the tube begins to percolate. The smoke from the combustion rises and gets to your lips, from which you inhale. Using a glass pipe does not diminish the effects of marijuana. It just cools down the smoke making it more bearable.

What to Consider When Looking for Glass Pipes

As a first-timer, looking for an ideal glass pipe may seem like an uphill task. The balance between learning how to look for one and finding your ideal glass pipe vendor is thin. There are several options to consider before settling on a choice. For instance, just taking a glance at glass pipes can overwhelm you if you do not have what you want in mind. First, you need to decide whether you want dry or water glass cannabis pipes.

Water glass pipes have a chamber that holds water. The chamber allows you to ignite the cannabis and make the water percolate as you inhale. The percolation filters the smoke before it gets to your lips and lungs. Dry glass pipes, on the other hand, do not have any space for water. They have the advantage of being more portable. Good quality glass pipes have a harsher hit than the watery ones.

What to Consider When Looking for Glass Pipes


A cannabis glass pipe can perform several functions, depending on what design you choose. You have two choices. You can either select an art piece or a production piece. Production pieces tend to follow a rigid design, while art pieces can mimic whatever you desire. Art pieces are rare and difficult to obtain in comparison to production pieces. Some custom art pieces and designs enhance your hits.


For a first-time user, you may want to choose a glass pipe that is sturdy in its build. You do not wish to have one that can break easily. Keep in mind that not all glass pipes are good. Some may be thinner and therefore more easily breakable than others. Always inquire about the thickness of a glass cannabis pipe you find before you purchase it. If you have no experience with glass pipes, you will be prone to accidents. To avoid putting a huge dent in your budget, aim for pipes that are durable, especially if you are a first-time buyer.


There are a variety of glass pipe designs and sizes available in the market. For a first-timer, it may seem difficult to decide on what to choose. You are not alone since every user asks themselves the same question the first time. Your preferred size of cannabis glass pipe depends on your lifestyle and usage of cannabis. If you prefer to use marijuana at home, you may require a large glass cannabis pipe. If you prefer something to use while you are on the move, a mini pipe may be ideal for you.


Choosing a glass pipe of good material is a challenging task even for persons who have experience. Different combinations of materials have various functions, benefits, and durability. Most glass cannabis pipes are made from borosilicate glass, which is resilient under high temperatures and shock. This makes it durable though slightly expensive if you are working with a slim budget. But don’t mind the expense—glass is the cleanest material that you can use for smoking cannabis. It does not vaporize, smoke, or release toxic fumes when you heat it, unlike other cannabis pipe options.

Types of Glass Pipes

Types of Glass Pipes

There are a variety of glass cannabis smoking devices available, depending on your location. Some of them include:

  • Chillums – This is a small cylindrical pipe from which you can smoke. All you need to do is place your cannabis at one end of the pipe, light it, and smoke from the other end.
  • Bongs – These have a chamber where you can put water. The water helps cool the smoke and filter most of the heavy particles. This helps you feel that the smoke is lighter, smoother, and better tasting than direct smoking.
  • Bubblers – These also have a chamber for water but are smaller than bongs. It is a better option if you prefer to inhale your cannabis in smaller doses.
  • Spoons – These look like glass spoons with a bowl where you place the cannabis. There is a hole at the handle end of the bowl. This allows you to inhale the smoke.
  • Dab rigs – Like bongs, these utilize a water filtration system; the only difference is the type of cannabis. The cannabis you need here is the vaporizing kind. It requires a different form of heating and is not good for first-timers.
  • Steam rollers – These are just like chillums with a larger glass cylinder.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to the safest of ways to smoke cannabis, glass pipes are your best bet. You have a variety of choices available, depending on what you like. The most common options are made of borosilicate glass. Despite the variety of choices, all you need is what you prefer. 

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