THCA Diamonds: What it is & How Are Made?

TCHA Diamonds - Tako Glass

Diamonds are a smoker’s best friend… THCA diamonds, that is! These incredible gems are flying off the shelves of dispensaries, and it is clear they are a fave in cannabis culture at the moment. So whether you are new to the world of diamonds and want to explore the experience, or you are a fan and simply want to learn more, we’ve got all the details right here!

What are THCA Diamonds?
First things first, let’s talk about what diamonds are. Simply, they are a type of cannabis concentrate. They are almost 100% cannabinoids, and on their own, they typically do not contain terpenes, which makes them void of taste and odor. They can be mixed with a terpene sauce that is also a result of the production, which results in a high-potency diamond soup!

When they are heated, the diamonds melt to reveal the THC magic within. They can be smoked or vaped, and they are often used to help with various ailments and medical conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and much more.

The sparkly name comes from the crystalline structures you see in the chunks of cannabinoid crystals, which look similar to diamonds. They can be anywhere in color from pure white to golden amber, depending on the presence of terpenes.

How are THCA Diamonds Created?
In most cases, fresh-frozen cannabis is processed to unearth the live resin, which is what creates the crystalline structures. Cured cannabis material can be used here as well. With live resin, a high quantity of terpenes is preserved because the material is frozen right after harvest.

Various processes can be used to create THCA diamonds, however, the most common is the supersaturation process. The crystalline structures begin as biomass that is sent through chemical extraction.

After extraction, the first round of the material undergoes a purging process that removes the butane solvent used during the extraction. The crystalline structures form on their own over time, and during this stage, a natural separation process produces the diamonds and the terpene sauce. The duration of the process generally takes several weeks to finish, while some makers add alternative solvents, like pentane, to speed it up.

Once the cannabinoids are separated from the liquid terpenes, the pure THCA crystals are sent through a final cleaning to ensure the remaining residual solvent is purged.

Cannabinoids and terpenes undergo the process individually for a thorough purging for the cannabinoids, which have a higher boiling point than the terpenes, which are more heat-sensitive.

How are THCA Diamonds Used?
THCA diamonds are used like most other types of concentrates and the best way to enjoy them is through smoking or vaping to get their full potential as quickly as possible. Most users find dab rigs to be very effective, using a butane torch to heat the dab nail with a dab of diamonds within the heated nail for vaporization.

Keep in mind, if you’re exploring the experience with diamonds, TCHA diamonds have a higher-than-average quantity of THCA, which becomes THC. Anyone who is embarking on consuming concentrates for the first time, or those with known low tolerance should use the most minute amount possible. The size of a grain of rice or even smaller is ideal. Give it about 10 minutes for the effects to be felt, and they should last between 2-3 hours.

Additionally, once you get the hang of THCA diamonds, you can enjoy them in other ways too. You add them to whole-flower cannabis for increased potency, roll them into joints and smoke as usual, or even crush and sprinkle them on top of the herb in your pipe or bong bowl.

THCA diamonds are having a moment and for very good reason! These marvelous jewels are the latest innovation in the sector of concentrates and they deliver a sparkling punch. They offer the highest levels of THCA are excellent for those with high tolerances and medicinal users who seek powerful relief. And simply, if you’re after the purest and most potent concentrate, you may have just met your match with diamonds!