Tako Glass Gift Guide: Great Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

Takoglass - Christmas list


Hello, fam! Hope the holiday season is treating you well. Christmas is just a few weeks away and holiday shopping is in full effect. We’ve got a whole lot of great products that will surely delight all the stoners and pot smokers in your life, so here is the gift guide you’ve been waiting for. 


Glass Hand Pipes 

These are ideal for just about everyone on your list! Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, a hand pipe is always handy. Our collection is pretty rad; we have hand pipes in just about every size, in endless color and style options, and from a really awesome array of artists. Here are some of our faves: 


Leftie Purple Nebula Glass Pipe: For your favorite leftie, this is the sickest! Fat and stout, thick glass, nebula cloud swirls, and cosmic sparkle dust; this pipe has it all. Plus, it’s a color-changer so it’s only going to get more gorgeous over time. 


Exotic Glass Pipe 4: Made by Spitfire Glass, this is a really gorgeous piece from their “Exotic” collection. It’s simple in shape and hypnotizing in its rich, deep blue shimmering shades. A few textural marbles adorn the pipe, adding to its ergonomics.


Aqua Cosmic Sparkle Pipe in Neon Pink 9: Sizable, sturdy, and sure to catch some attention, this pipe is FUN! It’s super unique and extra sparkly - this incredible look was achieved through fine glitter suspended in water. It glows in UV light, too!


Over the Top Designer Glass Stuff

Some moments call for a neat little one-hitter you can slip out of existence; sometimes it’s a 2-foot bong that keeps the whole party entertained. In certain situations, only the wildest, most creative glass pipes and bongs will do, and in those cases, we are happy to supply our incredible catalog of products. Here are my pics for the really crazy pipes and bongs:


Bull Horn Purple Nebula Rig: This rig would stop traffic! It’s one of my latest creations and whoever lands this will be getting something really special. It’s a very thick Dewer rig featuring purple nebula clouds in the most brilliant colors with sparkling space dust throughout. It has massive green horns and a matching 14mm nebula pull slide, also with matching horns to complete the look of this ultra-unique creation. 


Heady Hammer Pocket Pipe 6: From our friends at Lost Acorn, this pipe is just nuts! So much color, and so much detail. This hammer pipe is small and portable, which makes it an even cooler gift to give.



Black Opal Straight Tube Bong: Massive and ready to light up your parties, this bong is gorgeous and pretty straightforward. Super heady and two-feet high, it has stunning black opal details, an overall clean, simple shape, finished with a bold Tako label across the body. It has a single-hole downstem to deliver powerful, knock-you-on-your-ass hits.


Custom Pieces: Buying for someone really special? Maybe you should consider getting them a custom glass pipe or bong. While I don’t create custom pieces that are not in my signature style, if you have anything in mind that you don’t see for sale, maybe a custom-made glass piece will be the perfect gift. It may not be done in time for Christmas, but man-oh-man, what a way to impress! Definitely worth the anticipation in waiting. 



And then, last but not least, are the always-awesome gift cards! They are the most versatile gift around. Don’t know what to give someone? Need a last-minute gift? Fun stocking stuffer? A Tako Glass gift card does it all. Giving the gift of glass and letting them choose what to get; it’s a win-win all the way.


So get on with your holiday shopping! We hope it’s as stress-free as possible and you find a few things to treat yourself to!