Introducing the Blue Stardust Over Ghost FTK Dab Rig: A True Collector’s Choice Piece


We would like to introduce you to one of the latest masterpieces to hit the shop: the Blue Stardust Over Ghost FTK dab rig from Fatboy Glass. Unreal style and design make this piece a sight to behold, and as part of our Collector’s Choice category, it is a really incredible, one-of-a-kind rig that deserves a spotlight. Whoever purchases this rig is getting something truly magnificent! Read on to learn more about it. 


About the Artist: Fatboy Glass

Fatboy Glass is a true pioneer of modern times and he is well-known for his detailed technicality; seriously few can match his level of intricacy. It’s all about function with his pieces and this was made to perform! He blows glass with the care and in-depth knowledge of many, many years of experience and his techniques are simply astounding. Anyone who knows blown glass can tell you, he is a master like no other! 


Ghosts and Stardust: This Piece is Filled With Them

Just the name of this beauty evokes something ethereal and from another planet. And from the way it was designed, it’s going to have you feeling the same way every time you use it; get ready for transportation to other dimensions! This rig was designed with a scientist’s precision and an artist’s eye, making it the perfect device for dabbing. The intricacy is incredible, so if you’re into detail, this is a piece you’ll swoon over.

The first thing you’ll notice about this dab rig is the brilliant blue-purple color, which is layered over a pale, milky ghost foundation, creating the most beautiful translucent opaline dimension. The pairing results in a cool, rich, sparkly stardust layer with swirls of clouds, evocative of the ethereal. Overall, the dab rig stands about 9” tall, supported by a fat, super-thick base set with Fatboy’s logo. 


The Technique of Fatboy 

The Blue Stardust Over Ghost Rig is a piece you will not come across often and it is the definition of a collector’s item. 

Fatboy Glass is entirely insane when it comes to executing his crazy designs. Imagine a rig crafted to get the very best performance out of your concentrates with its own internal channeling system. Then, imagine this rig is not some mass-produced item from a manufacturing plant, but a work of blown glass, handmade by an artist of unmatched skill, so it is literally a work of art, entirely original, and made to perform. 

Fatboy’s technique is mind-boggling and with this rig, the water spins, twists, and recycles through it as you use it. All the while, this drives the smoke to percolate and cool down, creating the smoothest hits imaginable with plenty more terps than other rigs can deliver.


Get This Piece ASAP! 

So if you’re drooling over this gorgeous work of art, consider scooping it up as soon as possible because it’s not gonna last long. Promising endless pleasure and maximum beauty, this dab rig is one of a kind and a true collector’s piece. Head over to the Tako Glass shop today and get the Blue Stardust over Ghost FTK dab rig into your cart NOW!