Introducing our Jax Glass Collection

Jax Glass


As part of our ongoing series of promoting the artists we work with, we would like to shine the spotlight on JaxGlass. Keep reading to learn about this incredible artist whose work we are so thrilled to have in the shop. If you have yet to own a piece of JaxGlass, you’re definitely going to want to scoop one up after reading this! 


Pipe Dreams and Falling in Love With the Torch

JaxGlass hails from Southern Arkansas, where the glass scene is relatively small, yet growing. This has been fortunate, however, especially in regard to producing glass hand pipes. Although, Jax states that it’s a little harder to push higher-priced pieces.

Jax had zero artistic background before glassblowing; he was just an 18-year-old head shop surfer looking for the coolest water pipe around. He had not given it much more thought than “oh, a machine must’ve made this.”

He stumbled into glassblowing almost accidentally; after months of searching for the perfect piece, he started getting curious. He was at his favorite spot, The Retro Shop in Monroe, Louisiana, checking out a video playing on the TV behind the counter. He inquired about what was going on with all the fire, and lo and behold - the shop guy happened to be the person featured in the video and was making a spoon that was in the display case!!! Jax’s jaw DROPPED. Questions ensued, and his journey started.


Trials and Tribulations

It wasn’t all smooth sailing from that point, however, as most artists can attest. Jax was then tasked with finding someone to teach him the ways. Googling led him to Dustin Revere's videos. This was mid-2015 so it was prime time for the beginner stuff. He was mind boggled for months while searching for formal lessons. Fortune turned in his favor and he eventually got a positive answer for a potential lesson. It was a 5-hour drive, one way, but that didn’t stop him from venturing into his first glassblowing experience. 

It was a 1-on-1, 4-hour demo-style class with glassblower Adam Driver, in which he got some torch time near the end. Only one word: Hooked. Jax then purchased his own setup and frequented Adam’s studio along with some other artists within the state.


How His Style Developed and Changed Over Time

Jax started out loving the old-school inside-out style and set off to explore it. 7 years later he’s still enjoying it. His inspiration rests firmly in the motivation to make a “perfectly executed” version of his vision every time. It’s a very difficult mission, and the challenge is what keeps him on the torch.

Jax’s goals as an artist are pretty simple: to find happiness in the flaws while chasing perfection. The greatest challenge he faces is finding the balance between allowing himself to be happy with where he’s at and where he wants to be with his skillset. He believes this is a constant cycle no matter how great one is.

Jax considers the massive growth of the glass-blown pipe and bong market to be incredible. While greater competition makes it more difficult to stand out and create a name for yourself, he would rather see it grow than regress back into the olden days of secrecy!

If you haven’t checked out JaxGlass’s work, we urge you to do so ASAP! He’s a master at one-of-a-kind hand pipes with crazy sick colors, patterns, and designs. We are thrilled to carry his work and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about his background and vision! Head to to get yourself one of these babies today!