Here’s the Buzz on the Honey Bee Glass Pendant From Love Glass

Honey Bee Glass


This month, our vendor spotlight was dedicated to the phenomenal glass artist, Love Glass. We are honored to carry his incredible work and we are so excited to share his heady pieces with the world. In addition to creating really sick, nature-inspired glass pipes with the coolest sculptural features, Love Glass also makes extraordinary jewelry too. Read on to learn about one of his most gorgeous creations: the Honey Bee Glass Pendant.


Adorn Yourself with Sacred Nectar

The Honey Bee Pendant was crafted by hand and this amulet is both beautiful and special, representing the sacredness of bees and what they represent for human existence. This simple yet understated design looks like a small, clear glass vial filled halfway with amber-colored glass that remarkably takes on the appearance of honey. The tiny size represents the minute quantity of honey each bee makes during the course of its full lifespan.


About the Honey Bee Blown Glass Pendant from Love Glass

This gorgeous pendant is an elegant option you can wear at almost anytime and it pairs well with almost anything. Each pendant is set upon a 26-inch gold chain, offering additional versatility. From streetwear to office wear and just about anything else you’re wearing, this pendant will upgrade any style with ease. 


The Honey Bee Pendant from Love Glass has to be one of the most magical glass pendants out there. There is an incredible story behind this creation and it’s also really, really beautiful. If you’re a fan of blown glass pendants, you know there’s no shortage of wild, bold, and really eye-catching work out there. However, what makes the Honey Bee Pendant so unique is that it’s not loud or massive. It is a subtle, meaningful, and just superbly elegant work of art that will give you the sweetest neck check around. 


Bees: A Symbol of Oneness 

Throughout the world and across many cultures since ancient times, bees have represented prosperity, the importance of family, leadership, hard work, fertility, generosity, protection, spirituality, masculine and feminine polarities, and balance in nature. 


In some cultures, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs, bees and honey were considered symbolic of life. The ancient Greeks thought bees represented reincarnated humans. In many Bible verses, honey and bees are referenced, however, the most famous of these is from Exodus 3:17, where God promises the Israelites a land of milk and honey.


No matter what you believe or how you interpret the importance of bees, they remain essential to human life and essential to countless ecosystems and agriculture across our planet. Bees and honey represent the interconnectedness of all species and lifeforms and how interdependent we all are.


Look amazing while wearing the most beautiful symbol of bees with the Honey Bee Glass Pendant from Love Glass. Whether bees and honey have a special meaning to you, or simply because you appreciate what bees represent to the planet, this pendant is a showstopper. 


These amulets are going fast and they are certainly a great option as a gift for Mother’s Day. Can you think of anything better than to gift the queen of your hive with? We have only a few of these, so we suggest you grab one ASAP!