Halloween Skull Pipes: Something Wicked This Way Comes!

TakoGlass - Halloween sale


It’s time to get into the spirit of the spooky season with all things sinister and ominous! Halloween is right around the corner and we have some very eerie goods in stock you will surely want to scoop up! While traditional seasonal decor spans from glamorous to ghoulish, we are pretty fond of the ever-iconic glass skulls that really evoke the spookiness of All Hallow’s Eve. Whether you are feeling the festive fall vibes or you simply have a knack for all things spine-chilling, we’ve got the headiest skull pipes and bongs you absolutely must get ahold of!  



Glass Skull Pipes Galore


Skull pipes are not the most common out there but certainly, for this time of year, they make an exceptional addition to anyone’s collection! Here is a look at the top skull pipes we offer, perfect for Halloween!


The Everyday Skull: A pipe you won’t mind using daily, this Glass Fume Skull Pipe is made by Cherry. It’s a lovely little 4” basic style hand pipe crafted of some pretty nice fume, which will bring on some sick color changes the more it’s used. 


A Deadly Sherlock: This insane sherlock, aptly named the Glass Skullock Pipe is a hauntingly gorgeous sherlock pipe made by Deviant. Designed in the classic sherlock style with really trippy colors throughout, this pipe features a wild-looking skull across the front. Measuring right about 4.5” X 5.5”, this sherlock pipe has the perfect size to suit all that style!


Mini Size, Mega Style: The Glass Mini Skull Pipe from Deviant is a really killer example of craftsmanship, detail, and quality. This mini pipe is small in stature but it really packs a punch in terms of its artistry. Just about 4” in size, this piece is very spooky and it definitely comes across as a bit haunted! Thick multicolored glass and featuring a very clean skull design, this is definitely a work of art meant to be smoked out of!


Top Pick for a High-End Skull Pipe: The Glass Skull Pipe from Deviant is a masterpiece! Gorgeous and creepy, this glass pipe is about the size of a softball and it fits the hand quite well; solid, heavy, and big. It’s a color-changer too, so be prepared for continuously evolving colors. When not in use, this pipe serves as a very badass objet d’art sure to add some style anywhere you place it, quite literally a functional piece of art!


Collector’s Choice: A pipe like none other, this Skull Opal Chillum was hand blown by the phenomenal glass artist Sweeney. Rich swirls of color are the result of the sickest fumed glass technique here, infused with 24K gold and pure silver. The sculpted skull is infused below the bowl, while four stunning white opals offer the finishing touch. The lucky person who scores this piece is getting something really special! 


What better time than now to don your most fantastical garb and carry a skull you can smoke from as the ultimate accessory? Smoke and glass skulls are an alluringly mystical and eerie combination and we hope you’re ready to get your fill. Spooky season is here and time is of the essence to enrich your life with creepy blown glass skull pipes and swirling smoke! Happy Halloween from all of us here at Tako Glass; may you enjoy the rest of the spookiest time of the year!