Glass Pipe Repairs



It’s always unfortunate when a glass pipe or bong breaks. In many circumstances, it means your piece has come to an end and because it’s made of glass, there is nothing that can be done to repair it. However, in some instances, glass pipe repairs are possible. So, what should you do if your glass pipe breaks? Read on to learn about glass pipe repairs and how we may be able to help! 


Repairing Glass Pipes

Here at Tako Glass, you may be surprised to hear that we repair glass pipes and bongs under very strict circumstances. This is not one of our main services, but we do it when possible as a courtesy to our customers. 


We only repair work created by Tako Glass. We will not attempt to repair any pieces made by any other artists because there are just too many variables. Just to be clear, this even applies to pieces sold in the Tako Glass shop, as we carry the work of many other artists on my website. Only pieces made by Tako will be repaired.


How Much Does it Cost?

We don’t do many glass repairs, but we do offer repairs for free on artwork that was made by Tako Glass. Things happen; we get it. The only thing we ask is that customers pay for shipping both ways. 


The Fine Print of Repairs

If you decide to request a repair, please understand that things may not work out the way we want them to. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to fix every issue since glass is a pretty temperamental medium. You should be aware that there is a chance your piece might break in the kiln or while we are working on it.  


In the event your piece breaks further, Tako Glass is not responsible and we have no obligation to replace your piece if that happens. However, we do guarantee that we will give our 100% best effort to fix it! 


Sending in a Piece for Repair

The process for fixing a broken piece is fairly simple. If you need a repair done on a piece created by Tako Glass, please send us an email at with some pictures for us to assess. Once we review them, we can let you know if we think it’s possible to have this piece repaired by us.


If we decide we will take a chance repairing it, we’ll have you mail the item to us. And once we receive it, we’ll determine how to fix it.


One super important note: you must make sure that the piece is 100% clean before you mail it to us. If we open the package and find pieces that are dirty, they will go right into the trash. We will not handle dirty pipes or bongs and will absolutely not attempt to fix them!


There’s nothing quite like the letdown of a favorite glass pipe or bong being broken. If you purchased a Tako Glass pipe or bong and would like to request a repair, contact us today! While we won’t know immediately if repair is possible for your beloved Tako Glass pipe or bong, we will take a look at the damage and determine if we can at least try.