Best Glass Pipes - See why our customers love these glass pipes and why you will too.

Best Glass Pipes

Giving the people what they want; that’s what we’re all about! There are endless types of glass pipes out there, and it’s pretty subjective about what makes certain pieces “the best.” However, having been in this industry a super long time, we do know a thing or two about hand blown glass pipes.


The Very Best Glass Pieces Around 

Based on how quickly certain pieces fly out of the shop, I do have some experience I can share regarding handmade glass pipes. So, here’s our expert opinion on the best cool glass pipes around! 


  • Bubbler Pipes: These rad pipes are a crossbreed of bongs and water pipes, offering a hybrid experience of both. Smooth and cool hitting, these pipes offer the convenience of a pipe with the filtration of a bong. The Gold Fume Bubbler is a great seller, it’s portable yet still quite the showpiece. 


  • Affordable Glass Pipes: In the shop, we’ve got a serious array of products to choose from and if you’re looking for affordability, you’ll find it here. Dope pieces like the Dazed by Dichro pipe from Lab Rat Glass, the Blue Garden Chillum, and the Popsicle Pocket Pipes from Jedi Glass are just a sampling of the many high-art options available for under $50 in our catalog.


  • High End Glass Pipes: Collector’s pieces and one-of-a-kind pipes and bongs are highly sought after and our customers are big fans of scooping them up quickly. Many connoisseurs are all about superb, high-end glasswork and Tako Glass caters to their love of artistry. If you’re after the best of the best, this is exactly what you need to check out.


  • Cool Bowls for Smoking: And for those simply in search of great pipes, bongs, and other accessories, you will not find a cooler selection than what we’ve got here! We have the best glass pipes around, featuring all kinds of interesting and creative designs. From my signature purple nebula creations to the brilliant octopus water rig sculptures from Pacini Glass, to all sorts of interesting bowls, if you’re in search of something unique, we’ve got an abundance!


  • Custom Weed Pipes: To get really vague in regards to the “best” pipes, we cannot omit custom glass pipes from the list! In fact, because so much of this industry is centered on one-of-a-kind pieces, and artists are really valued for their innovation and creativity, there is a huge market for custom glass. We offer the option to have custom pipes created and can work with you to help make your ideas a reality. Now, it must be said, custom smoking pipes from Tako Glass will always have that signature Tako flair. I do not emulate the work of other artists, so custom pieces from my torch are made to your specifications in the styles and techniques I have built my line around. If you’re interested in getting a unique Tako Glass piece specially designed, you can definitely order custom glass from the shop! It starts with a consultation and we take the process from there. 


For those seeking the best glass pipes around, Tako Glass has what you need. We always aim to keep our customers happy and it truly is a blessing to be able to create art as a business endeavor. Creating works that please my customers visually and functionally with the highest quality and commitment to the craft is the basis of Tako Glass. If you’re after something new or would like to expand your collection with a piece from a top-notch glassblower, you’re in the right place!