Best Glass Pipes: Collector's Choice

Best Glass Pipes


Greetings, friends! We’re about due for a roundup of the best glass pipes, and today we are sharing our picks from the Collector’s Choice section. Anything but run-of-the-mill, these glass pipes and bongs are the best of the best; the top-shelf pieces you savor and display for years to come. As you know, we pride ourselves in offering a tremendous selection of glass pieces in our shop, from the everyday one-hitters to the most fabulous, one-of-a-kind works of art. 


Why Collector’s Choice Glass Pieces?


Well, simply, why not? Sure, your basic pipes and bongs work well, but collector’s pieces are absolutely amazing to have. And if we’re talking about the best glass pipes, you gotta discuss the collector’s pieces! 



While they typically run pricier than the average glass pipe, the mystique lies in the wondrous beauty that cannot be replicated and the crazy quality and details that going into their design. If you haven’t checked out our Collector’s Choice category on the website, you’ve got to head over ASAP! This incredible collection features some of the finest pieces of glass pipes you will find anywhere - and I’m not just saying that to toot my own horn. Whether made here in the Tako Glass studio or made by one of my superbly talented friends, these glass pieces are as good as it gets.


Read on for the latest and greatest collector’s glass pipes we have to offer! 


Purple Seaweed Opal Drop Hammer Pipe: Super thick glass makes this frit hammer extra special. It features Tako’s signature swirling purple clouds with dazzling space dust. As sick as these fresh colors are now, just wait; the more you use this pipe, the wilder they’ll get! A super-sized Apollo planet opal finishes the look with a bang!


Goddess Purple Glass Pipe: This work of sculptural perfection is an ode to the divine feminine and you get to smoke out of it! Designed by the ultra-talented Mia Shea, this purple glass goddess features an array of incredible details and delicate touches. 


The Nebula Opal Gold Label Water Pipe: This collector’s piece is as heady as it gets! 22 inches tall, architectural styling, purple nebula details, and black opal tubing are set upon the base and mouthpiece; yeah - you have to see this one to believe it! And when it is filled with water, the beauty somehow is enhanced, bringing out the colors further. It’s over the top, alright, in all the best ways. 


Purple Nebula Swoosh Sherlock Pipe: This sherlock is fun and super unique! It has a really elegant curved flowing shape with feet that allow it to stand on its own. It was done in my classic Nebula coloring, packed with space dust and ready for galactic color evolutions! The more you use it, the richer the colors are going to get! 


Juicy Mini Rig from Cody Wade: Functional art at its finest! This incredible rig is bold and bright, crafted of rose quartz glass on its mouthpiece and base, with luminous, UV-responsive magenta glass through its center. At just 6” tall and 3” across the base, it is mini in size and mega in style.


The best glass pipes are top quality, beautiful, and made to handle any kind of use you put them through. Whether just as objects d’art for display or use in heavy rotation, collector’s pieces are highly sought after for their beauty, uniqueness, and to celebrate the incredible creativity of the artists who bring them into being. Smoke on and enjoy the art, friends!