7 Benefits of Smoking With Hand Glass Pipes

7 Benefits of Smoking With Hand Glass Pipes

There are many ways of smoking weed: vaporizers, glass bongs, and pipes. Each smoking method comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Whether you're looking for your first smoking accessories or something different from what you've been using, your search should stop at glass hand pipes

Why? Because nothing can rival the flavor and ecstasy of smoking via glass hand pipes. This smoking hardware is designed to boost the taste of weed. 

Here are seven benefits that make glass hand pipes an obvious choice for many.

Easy to Clean

Your smoking device affects your smoking experience. A dirty pipe makes the smoke harsher and the taste pretty stale. Every smoker wants to enjoy a flavorful smoking session. Fortunately, it is a lot easier to clean glass pipes on your own than other types. You will need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A Ziploc bag
  • Salt

To start with, put your glass pipe in the Ziploc bag. Next, pour the isopropyl alcohol into the bag. Add two tablespoons of salt and zip the bag. Allow the pipe to soak for about an hour, and then shake the contents up. 

By carefully shaking the bag, you help the salt solution access all the hard-to-reach areas of your pipe. After that, remove the pipe from the bag and wash it with tap water. Lastly, allow it to air dry, and you’re ready for future smoking action.

Always clean your glass after you're done with your smoking session to get it back to new condition. 

Healthy Smoking Sessions

Healthy Smoking Sessions

Tar typically builds up in any smoking device. It is dangerous to your lungs and leads to lung ailments such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. But glass is so easy to clean and to maintain that you won’t have to worry about tar build-up, making it the healthiest way to smoke your products. 

Wood pipes will burn a little during your smoking session. So, apart from inhaling cannabis, you will also be taking in tree carbon inside your lungs. Plastic is the same—plastic pipes melt under heat, and you’ll consume that residue while smoking, too. That's scary. Glass pipes, on the other hand, won’t contaminate your smoke. 

Tasty Smoking Experiences

Besides the health benefit stated above, smoking from a glass hand pipe offers you unforgettable, “pure” sessions. Cannabis contains terpenes, which are responsible for its intense aroma and taste when burned. By using a glass pipe, you don't have to worry about pollution from previous sessions. Unlike metallic or wooden pipes that allow residue to contaminate your smoking flavor, a glass pipe retains no flavor or taste of earlier sessions when cleaned. You will enjoy the pure flavors and unique “high” effect only from that specific smoking session. 

Unique Works of Art

If you've ever laid your eyes on a glass hand pipe before, you can attest to how unique and beautiful it is. Glass hand pipes are crafted to appeal to the eye of the smoker and all art lovers. The simple fact that manufacturers use high-quality glass to sculpt the wily shape of a glass pipe is breathtaking. Some go a notch higher to embellish and paint the pipes with stunning luminous colors. You can get your hands on any color choice you want, whether it's purple, red, blue, pink, or whatever. 

Do you want a glass pipe featuring a long neck resembling Sherlock Holmes’? Or do you prefer one with an animal theme? Irrespective of your taste, you have a wide selection of glass hand pipes to choose from.

Any glass pipe is a sight to behold and a statement of status. Any smoker who chooses to buy this smoking accessory indirectly makes the statement “I am stylish.” It makes you stand out in a group of other smokers. 

Poor Conductors of Heat 

Glass hand pipes are usually made from high-quality glass. Aside from its guaranteed durability, the glass is a poor conductor of heat, which is a good attribute. Generally, heat passes through glass pipes much slower than it does through metallic or wood pipes. This means that you can enjoy smoking without worrying about getting your fingers burned. 

Moreover, due to its poor conduction of heat, a glass pipe burns the cannabis slowly, which ultimately preserves the unfiltered taste of the product. In contrast, metallic accessories speed up the rate at which weed burns. And as a result, they alter the taste of the product, making it bitter.  

Small and Discreet

Small and Discreet

Despite more and more people warming up to the idea of marijuana use, some are still hanging onto old stereotypes and myths. Glass hand pipes allow you to smoke discreetly without attracting uncomfortable glances from others. Plus, they are small and portable, which means you can carry them with you on your travels. 

Make Smoking Colorful

When you smoke, the colors illuminate as the smoke resin adds depth to the glass’s pattern of colors. And during use, the translucency of it allows you to see the cannabis smoke as it travels up the glass, thus creating an exciting spectacle.

Some glass pipes are made to change color when smoke goes through them, changing from purple to green or blue or pink. This adds an extra layer of beauty to the smoking experience. 

Bottom Line

There is no hiding the fact that glass hand pipes improve your smoking experience by making everything flavorful. Plus, these smoking accessories protect stoners from finger and throat burns, coughs, and the harsher smoke often associated with other pipe types. In the end, you will enjoy unadulterated smoking sessions that are less harmful to your overall health.

Visit a reputable online smoke shop and browse through the different designs, shades, and themes of glass hand pipes. Take note, however, of what you will be using the glass pipe for (weed or tobacco), so you don't end up choosing one that is either too small or too big for your needs.